Mission & History

Tulane University Special Collections at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is committed to collecting, preserving, and making available books, archives, ephemera, and other items of historic and cultural value to advance research and a greater understanding of our shared cultural heritage. Our collections and services are available to Tulane students, staff, faculty, and the wider community.

Located on the 6th floor of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, we are open by appointment only. Please contact Eli Boyne, Rare Books Library Associate, at eboyne@tulane.edu to set up an appointment. 

The multiple strengths and growing collection areas of the Rare Books Collection include:

  • The French and American Revolutions

  • Book illustration and illustrators

  • History of the printed word and book

  • European Studies

  • French and francophone language and culture

  • Dog and cat books, particularly historical or illustrated/unusual works

  • Geoffrey Chaucer

  • Natural history, particularly historical works on botany

  • Edward Gorey (books by and about)

  • William Faulkner (works by and about)

  • Incunabula (works printed in Europe before 1501)

  • Kelmscott Press publications

  • Medieval works (original and facsimile editions)

  • Book art/artist's books, including miniature books

  • German and Swiss history and literature

  • British Shire Histories

  • Travel Narratives

  • Philosophical and Religious Texts