"To Grow to Greenness and Renown": Female Botanists and Botanical Illustrators

Our exhibit for spring and Women's History Month 2018--a celebration of the studies and artwork of female botanists from the 18th through the 20th centuries.

Martin Luther and the Reformation: the 500th Anniversary

Curated by Elio Brancaforte and the students of his seminar "The Experience of War" (German 4800/6800), this exhibit was part of a group of displays and talks centered on the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation's beginning and presents materials from the Rare Books Collection that touch on the history of the Bible as a book, the Lutheran faith in Europe and America, and the Thirty Years' War.

Italian Literary Patriotism: From the Enlightenment to the Risorgimento

Curated by Linda L. Carroll, Jacklyn Grambush, Rachel Hullett, and Teresa Russo, this exhibit arose from the breadth and depth both of Tulane University's holdings in this area and of the Italian literary patriotic experience. This exhibit provides a sampling of the books and ideas that helped spur Italy into forging its own existence as a unified nation.

Collecting Cats at Tulane

This exhibit is meant to explore and celebrate the cat collections at Tulane. While it may seem unusual to have such objects in university collections, it should not surprise us that artists and writers have responded to human interest in the subject.

Exploring Fairy Tale Illustrations from 1870-1942

A student-run exhibition of fairy tale illustrations from Tulane’s Special Collections and from the Amoss Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library; in conjunction with the course “GERM 3670: Grimm Reckonings, The Development of the German Fairy Tale,” offered during the Spring semester 2013 by the Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies at Tulane University.